Great Decisions

Great Decisions has concluded our regular meetings for 2018, but we are thinking about getting together once a month or so.  We also have a FACEBOOK group to share relevant articles for discussion.  Special thanks to our hostesses at The Overture, who graciously made space for us each week.  Stop by and visit to thank them.

Great Decisions – gives you a voice in world affairs.  Our Fort Bend 2018 series started Tuesday January 23,  See below the 2018 topics.  2019 topics will be coming soon

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Join the Foreign Policy Process

Local Great Decisions groups meet to share ideas and opinions.  All program participants are invited to register their views on the Great Decisions opinion ballot, which is presented to U.S. leaders and major media.  Ballots are still available at the 2017 links below.

2018 Topics:  (see article authors and briefs)Great Decisions 2018 cover

See you in January 2019!

Many thanks to Enid Tovy who organized this interesting group for 30+ years, now facilitated by Bill Johnson.  No expertise, only interest (and preparation), is required.  For more information contact:  Bill Johnson.

Early each spring, AAUW offers Great Decisions to:

  • Explore the Issues
    The Great Decisions program highlights each of today’s most significant, far-reaching foreign policy issues. In compelling presentations, Great Decisions provides facts and nonpartisan analysis of the “great decisions” facing the U.S. public and policymakers.
  • Learn about Foreign Policy
    The Great Decisions program is a unique learning experience. You will acquire skills to assess global developments and policymakers’ decisions. You will help build the American democracy’s strong citizen base.

2017 Topics:



Great Decisions 2016 topics:

Great Decisions 2016 cover

Great Decisions 2016 cover

  • Middle East
  • The Rise of ISIS
  • The Future of Kurdistan
  • Migration
  • The Koreas
  • The United Nations
  • Climate Change
  • Cuba and the U.S.


Great Decisions 2015 topics:GreatDecisions2015book


Great Decisions 2014 topics:GreatDecisions2014