Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon

Eleanor Roosevelt imageThe Fort Bend Branch Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon tradition was started by branch member Marilyn Watson around 2001 as a small fundraiser and fun, low-work (for attendees) social event.  The volunteer hostess(es) selects a date, usually early spring for a Saturday luncheon and generally donates all the labor and expense of preparing an elegant ladies luncheon (or tea).  The attendees make reservations for the coveted few seats at the table and make a donation of around $25 for the privilege.

Originally the funds were donated to AAUW’s Eleanor Roosevelt Fund but have been more recently benefited causes such as the Ann Richards AAUW Fellowship fund in 2018, NCCWSL in 2019, and the Tyler Branch AAUW American Fellowship in 2020.

Did you know Eleanor was an AAUW Member?

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Photos from the 2020 Eleanor Roosevelt High Tea